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Why Coogan Bergin?

Your choice of College is instrumental in helping to shape your career within the Beauty Industry. The standard of the facilities and the tutors will impact every aspect of your skills. It is a big decision and we are confident that in choosing to study at Coogan Bergin you are leaving nothing to chance!

Coogan Bergin has built a reputation as Dublin’s premier College of Beauty Therapy since its foundation in 1982. Offering both full & part time CIBTAC and CIDESCO accredited courses, we train therapists to the highest international standards.

Located on Wicklow Street in the heart of Dublin City it is without doubt, the most state of the art College of Beauty Therapy in Ireland. No expense has been spared to provide our students with cutting edge facilities, ensuring they have the most up-to-date equipment, in beautiful surroundings. This, combined with our famed reputation in the area of teaching will ensure that your training experience is both memorable and of the highest international standard.

Beauty Therapy Qualifications

If you are serious about a career in Beauty Therapy you need the best qualifications possible. At Coogan Bergin we give you that and over 95% of all our full time students find immediate placement upon graduation. Many Irish Salon & Spa owners recruit directly from Coogan Bergin as do a number of international companies including the prestigious ‘Steiner’ company who hold a recruitment day with us every year for therapists who wish to work on the Worlds leading Cruise Liners.

All courses taught at Coogan Bergin, lead towards a diploma awarded by the very best internationally recognised examination bodies:

CIDESCO ( Comite International D’Esthetique Et De Cosmetologie )

Quite simply the worlds leading professional body in the area of Beauty Therapy. It is the most comprehensive Beauty Therapy training course available covering all aspects of Beauty Therapy & Body Therapy.

With its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, CIDESCO is represented in over 33 countries and over 200 CIDESCO schools teach to its internationally acclaimed standards offering the world’s most prestigious qualification in the field of aesthetics and beauty therapy. The CIDESCO Diploma is recognised globally as the highest qualification within our profession.

CIBTAC (Confederation of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology)

Broadly divided into three core modules: Beautician Course, Body Massage Course with Anatomy & Physiology & Electrolysis Course, CIBTAC lends itself exceptionally well to those who want to undertake Part Time Beauty Courses. CIBTAC forms part of the national framework for education and individual modules are FETAC rated between level 3 & 6. It is the examination body of the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology. Graduates who successfully complete their CIBTAC examinations can then go on to take their CIDESCO Diploma should they wish, by completing some post graduate training. CIBTAC is recognised internationally as an outstanding qualification in Beauty Therapy.

ITEC (International Therapy Examination Centre)

Founded to provide in Independent bona-fide Professional Examination system recognised in nearly every English speaking country It offers shorter, modular training courses in a variety of beauty related disciplines.

A Beautiful Career Awaits You…

The 20th century has seen some of the most amazing advances in the area of health & beauty and the global cosmetic market is now a multi billion euro industry. Alongside this growth in the retail cosmetic market there has been an equally rapid growth of the Beauty Salon sector and subsequently the emergence of a global Spa Market encompassing all aspects of health & well-being from the luxury pampering spa to the very high tech Medi-Spas.

The Internet brings a constant flow of information regarding all aspects of beauty products and treatments and this in turn creates an even greater demand for those treatments and products hence and even greater demand for Beauty Therapists trained to carry out these services.

The road to becoming a Beauty Therapist is quite a short one. The full time CIBTAC & CIDESCO courses can be completed in a ten month period or you may instead choose one of our part time Beauty Therapy Courses and complete the three modules over a two/three year period but you can begin working after completion of any one module in that area. Many part time students complete their beauty and electrolysis modules in year one and start work immediately whilst finishing out the body module in year two.

As a fully qualified therapist the world is your oyster. You can carry your skill with you wherever you go and the variety of career opportunities open to you are vast.

Call us today on 01-6794254 to arrange a meeting and to view our college where A Beautiful Career Awaits You.

Beautiful Possibilities

There is a multitude of career options open to anyone who successfully completes any of the training modules on offer at Coogan Bergin. Whether you choose to specialise in a given area or work in an environment that uses all your skills there are options available on land, at sea and now even in the air with the advent of sky therapists on long haul flights! Some of the areas open to you are listed below:

Beauty Salon:

There is hardly a village in the country that does not have a salon and there are always openings for jobs. Because many of Irelands top salons are owned and run by past graduates of Coogan Bergin they look to us when recruiting staff, giving our students a big advantage in the jobs market.

Nail Boutique:

The growth of the nail market is enormous with new trends emerging all the time. No longer a luxury, nails are now an essential grooming practice. There are constant openings for skilled nail technicians.

Waxing Clinic:

Waxing is a core skill for any therapist and is the most sought after treatment in all salons. Specialist waxing has increased demand even more. There are now clinics that only offer waxing and good waxing specialists are hugely in demand.

Make-Up Studio:

Make-Up artistry has become the broadest of all the disciplines within the area of beauty and is an area that many therapists specialise in. Now starting in their teens, girls and women pay to have their Make-Up applied for all those special occasions. Whether you work for one of the big make-up houses in a department store or studio the openings are many. A very skilled make- up artist can go on to work on photo shoots or in television.


The growth of the spa industry in the past ten years has been astounding and Ireland is now known as the spa capitol of Europe. From the Hotel Spa, the Destination Spa, the Thalassotherapy Spa the day spa to the leisure club spa we now boast more spas per capita than our European neighbours. Massage in all its different forms is the most sought after treatment in the spa environment followed by facials. The demand for both full and part time therapists within the industry is constant, so even if you have chosen to only study the Body Therapy module, job opportunities abound.

Cosmetic Houses:

The cosmetic houses have now realised that a thorough knowledge of the skin is essential in retail sales. They are therefore seeking trained therapists to work on their department store counters. Career advancement within the cosmetic houses is a real possibility with top sales people going on to become regional managers and trainers.

Cruise Liner & many more.

All the big cruise liners now have spas onboard. Many therapist choose to spend a year or two working on the liners. This is a great way to combine travel with work. The experience gained is first rate as the regimes are strict and therapists work to targets. Anyone who has successfully completed a year or two on the liners is much sought after within the various aspects of the industry.

Sales Representative:

For any therapist, who has a few years experience in any salon, spa or retail environment with a proven track record in sales there is also the option of becoming a Sales Representative for one of the many Salon Skin Care Companies. In this area you can also become involved in the area of product training.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q1) How long is the full time course?
A1) The full time CIBTAC & CIDESCO course will have you fully qualified within 10 months.
Q2) Do I need to do work experience as part of the course
A2) Yes, all our students both full and part time are required to do 40 hours work experience throughout their course. This is invaluable, as its gives the students a real 'feel' for beauty as a career and not only enhances their learning but opens up employment opportunities. Many students receive job offers as a result of their work experience.