Massage & Body Treatments

We offer a great range of body treatments including a choice of massage techniques from Classic Swedish Massage to Hot Stone, Aromatherapy and Indian Head.

Always keeping up-to -date with the trends in body treatments we offer the tried and trusted Thalgo Range of Body Treatments including Seaweed Wraps for slimming and Cold Cryotherapy based treatments for Cellulite and fluid retention.

Our I Pulse offers immediate and visible results in toning and shaping the body and a course of treatments is recommended for long term lasting benefits.

Treatment List

Body Peel & Polish 40 minutes €60

Using a textured body scrub chosen to suit your skin type an exfoliation is carried out that utilises a mechanical action that rids the skin of in-depth impurities and eliminates dead skin cells leading to a smooth skin and also improved cell renewal.  After the exfoliation is removed a hydrating body lotion/cream is applied leaving your skin silky and glowing. A must before your holiday or at the change of the seasons.

The skin regains its softness and radiance and active ingredients are more easily absorbed and is suitable even the most sensitive skin.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage 25 minutes €50

This massage is ideal for eliminating stiffness and soreness, relieving tension and releasing energy from the upper back, for a long lasting feeling of wellbeing.

Hot Stone Back Massage 25 Minutes €50

All the benefits of our Full Body Hot Stone Massage concentrated in the back area to relieve localised tensions and release toxins.

Hot Stone Deluxe Massage 45 Minutes €65

Our hot stone deluxe massage incorporates our Hot Stone Back Massage with the addition of massage to the back of the legs and acupressure on the soles of the feet.

A fantastic treatment for those who suffer from heavy legs as a result of standing a lot and those with odema (fluid retention).

Full Body Hot Stone Massage 70 Minutes €90

For total well-being and indulgence, experience the complete Sea & Senses Full Body Hot Stone Massage.

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Full Body Aroma Massage 55 Minutes €80

Full Body Aroma Massage with aromatic oils that have an invigorating, relaxing & regenerating effect.

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Indian Head Massage 40 Minutes €50

Indian head massage, also known as champissage, is a treatment that focuses on massaging acupressure points along the head, neck, and shoulders, often using circular massage strokes to improve hair and scalp condition.

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Frigi Thalgo Anti Cellulite Wrap 70 Minutes €75

A powerful cryotherapy treatment wrap with immediate effects that treats feelings of discomfort for tired, heavy, swollen legs.

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MMA Body Wrap 55 Minutes. €75

Discover the incredible benefits of seaweed for our overall wellbeing.. This treatment combines natural marine algae, rich in re-mineralising ingredients to deep cleanse, detoxify, rebalance and soothe the body.

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Prescription Back Treatment 55 Minutes. €70

A facial for your back!

The skin on the back is subject to a build up of sebum which can result in open pores, blackheads and spots. This prescription back treatment uses natural active marine algae to rebalance and restore the skin to good health. This treatment cleanses and purifies leaving the skin radiant. Steam/Hot Compress and extraction will be included if required.

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