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Facial Treatments

At Coogan Bergin we are passionate about Skin Care and offer an extensive range of Facial Treatments and Retail Products to maximize results.

Choose one of our High Performance Facials and enjoy a wonderful treatment during which we will give you the very best advice on the care of your skin in the salon and at home.

To maximise your treatment why not book a skin scan using our exclusive ‘Visia’ Thermal Skin Imaging System. We will analyse your skin as never before and tailor your treatment to suit your specific needs.

Price List

Tailored by Thalgo €65.00

A specialist treatment facial tailored to your needs using the best of the Thalgo Marine Line.

Hyaluronic Anti -Ageing Facial €75.00

Hyaluronic Acid is found naturally in the skin and is capable of retaining moisture is great amounts. As we age this ability reduces and results in lines and wrinkles. Our Hyaluronic Anti-Ageing Facial fills these lines instantly giving an immediate visible result.

Pure Collagen 3 in 1 €110.00

This fabulous treatment infuses pure Collagen extract down into the deeper layers of the skin with startling effect. The skin is totally soothed, redness is visibly reduced and the skin is plumped and firmed. We recommend this at any age as a preventative treatment as well the perfect antidote to skin that has been parched due to sun exposure or other environmental factors. A Coogan Bergin Favourite!

Silicium Lift Facial €110.00

Silicium is essential for the production of Collagen & Elastin in the skin but it diminishes with age and needs to be supplemented. This treatment is recommended for the 45+ client who is looking for a high impact treatment to work on many levels and will hydrate, smooth, fill, lift and help to re-contour the facial outline. Skin is visibly improved and appears lifted.

Exceptional Facial €120.00

An exceptional treatment filled with exceptional ingredients to treat skin that is suffering due to the effect of hormonal changes in the body. Rich in natural Algae Hormones this beautiful treatment works instantly to visibly restructure and rejuvenate the skin leaving it brighter, firmer with an improved facial contour.

Microdermabrasion €110.00

Demand perfection: Microdermabrasion as you have never experienced it before. The THALGOSKIN EXPERT device (ISO 9001 medical certification) brings mechanical and chemical microdermabrasion along with Skin-Light therapy together in a single treatment to deliver extraordinary results. Skin is immediately re-textured, cell renewal is stimulated, skin feels firmer and more tones and wrinkles and fine lines are visibly smoothed. Can be offered a single treatment but a course of 4 is recommended

Microdermabrasion (course of 4) €330.00

THALGOSKIN EXPERT Microdermabrasion system is recommended as a course of 4 treatments for maximum effect. Best carried out no more than 10 days apart, with each session your skin regains its natural beauty. On the surface it is smoother, softer and more supple with a reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles and dark patches are significantly lightened. Internally the rate of cellular renewal is increased leading to a more firm skin that is plumped and radiant.

Environ Facial €85.00

The Environ Product Range is based around high levels of Vitamin A & C to stimulate the skin functions at a very deep and active level. The Environ Facial combines these elements with a Sopnophoresis system to further enhance these anti-ageing effects and give good immediate benefits with the skin appearing brighter, hydrated and firmed.

Nuskin Galvanic (Wrinkle Control) €55.00

Nuskin are the No.1 skincare company in the area of anti-ageing and their AgeLoc Science is based on the most advanced discoveries in the area of Gene Science. The Galvanic Treatment combines the very best of this AgeLoc product with the proven effects of galvanic to give an immediate lift to the entire face and neck area. A course of these is recommended or alternatively we can teach you how to do this yourself and you can continue this amazing treatment at home.

Thalgo Mens Facial €65.00
Ibeauty Deep Cleansing Facial €60
Ibeauty Hydrating Facial €75
Ibeauty Anti-aging Facial €80
VISIA Visia Facial Analysis €50.00

See your skin as never before with our thermal skin scanner Redeemable against products (Purchased on the day)