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In our previous blogs, we looked at the foundations of any good skincare routine which is Cleansing, toning & exfoliation.

The next key step in the routine is the use of a serum.

What exactly are Cosmetic serums: In essence, they are concentrated forms of assorted active ingredients that have a smaller molecular structure and therefore they are very easily absorbed by the skin into the deeper layers where they help the skin to repair and restore in many different ways depending on the ingredients.

Most serums are water-based and appear in a gel-like texture that sinks in very easily. They can however come in an emulsion which again is easily absorbed but they tend to be richer and more targeted towards dryer/mature skin.

Oily Acne Skin can benefit greatly from a rebalancing serum. This skin type can be very dehydrated (lacks moisture) due to the use of products that on one hand assist in clearing up blockages but on the other hand, can dry the skin out terribly. It is not unusual for Oily/Acnic skin to present as shiny, and congested but also very red in colour. This is because it lacks moisture and often an easy fix for this is to use a serum that is readily absorbed which will help to de-congest but also restore lost moisture.

Loss of moisture is the most common condition that we encounter in the clinic. 

Clients come concerned with ‘Dryness’ when in fact the issue is dehydration. Dehydrated skin presents as dull, has loss of plumpness, feels tight and even uncomfortable and again can have quite a high colour.

The difference between Dryness and dehydration is that dry skin lacks Oil and dehydrated skin lacks Moisture/Water and loss of moisture requires more focused and immediate action than dry, which can be quickly remedied in the short term with the use of a richer day & night cream.

There is an abundance of serums available to treat dehydration and one of our favourites is Thalgo Hydra Marine Serum which is rich in marine actives. From Environ the Hydrating Serum is also a great choice and my own daily dose of deep hydration comes from my AgeLoc Boost serum which I use with my Boost Device. Check out our VERA app for a link to this. It is amazing and boosts moisture, radiance, and skin tone.