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In our last blog post we talked about cleansing and the various options available to you and a selection of our favourite products so now we are going to talk about Toners.

Cleansers and Toners go hand in hand or at lease they should do. Unfortunately, many people have had bad experiences with skin tonics especially those of us aged over 50 as we remember a time that they tended to be highly astringent and contained alcohols which led to many skin reactions.

Fortunately, we have moved a long way from there and Toners are an essential and indeed a pleasurable part of our beauty routine.

As professional therapists we use almost double the amount of Tonic in a treatment than we do cleanser or indeed any other product. We use it after cleansing, after exfoliation, after mask application and to remove excess cream after massage before we apply serum and moisturiser.

The reason we use so much tonic is that it calms and sooths the skin, it restores the PH balance, depending on the tonic chosen it can possibly help to tighten pores, reduce redness, add moisture, and simply make the skin feel fresh and revived.

We advise that you use your chosen tonic every morning and evening and anytime you get out of the shower to calm the skin and help to constrict the pores. We advise applying your tonic using a damp cotton wool pad. If using a spritz spray directly onto the skin. Leave your tonic to dry in before applying your serum/follow up products.

Here are some of our favourite tonics from our chosen brands:


AVST Moisturising Toner 200ml

This toner contains special ingredients which work in synergy with the Environ products to assist in moisturising and hydrating the skin. Moisturising Toner also assists in improving the appearance of uneven skin tone and contains plant extracts which are known to help enhance the appearance of healthy-looking skin. Gives the appearance of a healthy glow as it helps to hydrate and moisturise the skin.

Vita Peptide Toner 200ml

This toner which is formulated specifically to work with, and enhance the other products in the Youth EssentiA range, this concentrated, peptide containing toner works to help smooth the appearance of wrinkles and improve the appearance of skin tone and elasticity leaving healthier looking skin that glows with youthful radiance. It effectively removes residual cleanser ensuring your skin is prepared for your serum and other follow up treatment products.


Beautifying Tonic Lotion 200ml

A supremely gentle tonic lotion for the face and eyes with Sève Bleue des Océans that perfectly completes your cleansing routine. Suitable for all skin types, even the most reactive/sensitive.

Reviving Marine Mist 250ml

This mist from Thalgo is one of our all-time favourite products. A remineralising mist that boosts cell metabolism and renewal whilst strengthens the skin’s defences. Spray all over the face, making sure to keep your eyes closed. It is beautifully refreshing with a wonderful marine essence. It is used after toner to further prepare the skin for your serum and cream.

Nu Skin

NaPCA Moisture Mist SIZE 250ml. (Another favourite skin mist)

If hot days have you dreaming of a refreshing burst of hydration, then prepare to have your dreams come true.   

With natural moisture-binding ingredients like sodium PCA, a single spritz of this hydrating face mist can help keep your skin feeling supple and smooth. But that’s not all! By providing hydration and helping to retain moisture, it helps protect your skin from the negative impacts of your environment.  

This cool, hydrating mist can also be used for your body AND hair. Because something this refreshing is too good not to share!

Nu Skin 180° Skin Mist 100ml (Sheila’s favourite) Your powerhouse anti-ageing system.

Refreshed skin with every spritz!
Nu Skin 180° Skin Mist is a skin-soothing facial toner that goes above and beyond. The formula reinforces your skin’s ability to protect itself from environmental aggressors/stressors and helps protect the skin against the negative visible impact of oxidative stress. Featuring a Nu Skin®-exclusive ingredient combination, the HMW complex, the skin mist leaves your skin looking and feeling calm.

  • Provides a soothing, refreshing sensation.
  • Strengthens your skin’s ability to protect itself from environmental aggressors.
  • Protects your skin against the negative effects of oxidative stress.

Here You Glow Exfoliating Toner SIZE150 ML

This toner from Nuskin goes beyond the role of a regular toner. This is a treatment toner that contain various acids that help to keep the skin exfoliated and glowing at all times.

Great for people that suffer from clogged pores or dull skin.

Get glowing, clearer looking skin with Nutricentials Here You Glow – a facial toner that does more than just tone. 

This thoughtfully balanced formula features a unique mix of hydroxy acids to leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, healthy, and visibly glowing, plus salicylic acid to help cure the appearance of existing spots. At the same time, its cleansing action lessens the chance of new spots forming. Your skin is left looking clean, clear, and radiant – ready for whatever comes next!

  • Made with bioadaptive botanicals.
  • Features a formula with an effective 10% blend of AHAs, BHA, and PHA to leave skin visibly soft, smooth, and glowing.
  • Helps increase the cell turnover rate by exfoliating and “ungluing” dead skin cells from the skin surface.
  • Unclogs pore-blocking dirt and oil and visibly reduces the appearance of pores.
  • Helps improve the appearance of spots for clearer, cleaner skin.
  • Hydrates skin by attracting and binding moisture to leave it looking healthier and more supple.
  • Prepares skin for additional products like serums and moisturisers.
  • Features a bottle that is proudly made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic.

In Balance pH Balance Toner

A lightweight face toner that works to keep your skin balanced and leaves it feeling fresh and radiant! Formulated with glycerin and a moisture strength blend that features lactobacillus ferment, Aloe vera, sodium PCA, and sodium hyaluronate, it helps maintain your skin’s natural moisture barrier, leaving it looking smooth and radiant.

Why You’ll Love It

  • Made with bioadaptive botanicals.
  • Helps adjust skin to its optimal pH level.
  • Provides an immediate boost of hydration after cleansing.
  • Features a bottle that is proudly made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic.

All Nuskin products can be ordered over the VERA app and they will be posted directly to you. We can of course order your Nuskin products for collection in the salon, but we recommend direct purchase to avail of their great loyalty programme.

We hope that this has broadened your understanding of Skin Tonics and why they are so important, and we would welcome any feedback or questions you may have.