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Exfoliation is in our opinion an essential part of any good skin care routine.

When exfoliation burst onto the market back in the 90’s the popular apricot kernel ingredient was hailed as a breakthrough and indeed it was but not always in the positive way people hoped.

It did literally break through the upper layers of the epidermis and for many Irish women with that classic, Celtic fragile skin it was simply far too aggressive and contributed to thread veins for many women (and men).

In a professional setup, we always apply a mask after exfoliating and we recommend that you always do this as part of your homecare routine so when buying an exfoliator it is our advice to get a mask to go.

It is recommended that you do an exfoliation at least once every 3 weeks and for certain conditions sometimes as often as once a week. Oily/Acne skin needs more frequent treatments as do certain skin disorders such as psoriasis where the skin produces too many cells, and they can form plaques if not treated diligently. 

Exfoliators have come a long way in the past twenty years and as with everything in the world of skincare, there are a multitude of options available to suit even the most fragile skin.

Here are some of our favourites.

Thalgo Softness Exfoliator. A really gentle but effective cream-based exfoliator containing very fine silica grains it effectively sloughs away dead skin cells without causing irritation to the skin. Massage into the skin and remove with tepid water and then tone your skin with your chosen skin tonic. This product is gentle enough to be used on inflamed skin such as that which accompanies psoriasis.

Thalgo Refreshing Exfoliator. Another great exfoliator that is cream-based but has a slightly bigger grain for use on a more Oily or thicker skin. It contains a small amount of menthol which is really invigorating.

Nuskin Gentle Exfoliator is not too dissimilar to the Thalgo softness product and is used in the same way. It is double the size of the Thalgo one so represents great value for money.

Nuskin180˚ AHA Peeling Pads & Neutraliser are my personal favourites. I have very fragile skin prone to broken veins and these peeling pads eliminate any need to rub the skin thereby risking irritation. Wipe away dull, lacklustre skin in two easy steps. Formulated with 10% lactic acid solution, the AHA Facial Peel reduces the appearance of visible signs of ageing like lines and wrinkles. They are effective alone or as part of the Nu Skin 180º System. The Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) help stimulate skin cell turnover, so your complexion appears brighter and smoother. The Neutralizer is designed to limit topical sensitivity for a hassle-free glow.

Lactic Acid in the Facial Peel – promotes skin cell turnover and exfoliates dead cell build-up in the skin’s surface, helping to diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles, improve the texture of rough skin, and brighten skin surface discolouration.

Literally wipe a peeling pad over cleansed skin and leave for between 3-10 minutes maximum and then wipe again with a neutralising pad to stop the lactic acid from working.

It is normal to feel a powerful tingling in the skin as the lactic acid dissolves any surface dead skin cells, but this tingling should not be confused with a ‘Reaction’ – It is in fact the ‘Action’ of the product and is a sign that it is doing its job.

Oat Kernel Extract (Avena Sativa Extract) in the Neutralizer – exhibits properties that soothe the skin and help reduce topical sensitivity.

All the above Thalgo products can be purchased in the clinic or online in our shop.

All Nuskin products can be ordered over the VERA app and they will be posted directly to you. We can of course order your Nuskin products for collection in the salon, but we recommend direct purchase to avail of their great loyalty programme.

Professional Peeling Treatments

Here at Coogan Bergin Beauty & Skin Clinic, we offer a range of dedicated peeling treatments. Many peeling treatments are best suited to winter months when there is a reduced risk of sunburn as peeling does make the skin more susceptible to the harmful rays of the sun. The application of a high SPF is absolutely essential after peeling treatments and we advise using an SPF 50. The Nuskin Complexion Protection is our favourite and our biggest seller. The Thalgo SPF 50 is also an excellent product.

If for one reason or another, you’ve been neglecting your skin and it is looking dull then you really should consider kick-starting a new regime by starting with a course of peeling treatments. In just 4 weeks your skin can go from life-less to luminous and be visibly revitalized.

Microdermabrasion is a fabulous treatment to get down deep into the upper layers of the epidermis and stimulate cellular renewal. The Thalgo skin expert system that we use is truly excellent and we advise a course of 4 treatments to really boost the skin. It is excellent for treating acne scars or pigmentation.

Thalgo Marine peels are also a salon favourite, and you start a level 1 and progress to Level 3 with the percentage of acids rising and the PH lowering as you progress to really stimulate cellular renewal and restore a youthful glow to your skin no matter what your age.

Environ offers a selection of ‘Cool Peel’ Treatments which are very effective but not going to induce any inflammation, these can be done at any time of year but as with all peeling treatments you need to wear a high SPF in the week after your treatment no matter what time of year it is.

Please feel free to call us or message us with any questions you may have regarding exfoliation and our salon peeling treatments. This is a great time of year to do a course of peeling treatments to restore the skin after the summer and get it glowing for the winter.